Proceedings of the HPC 2010

Proceedings of HPC 2010

High-Performance Computing Symposium

 ISSN: 1851-9326

Building on the great success of the first two editions of the HPC symposium in 2008 and 2009, this year's conference aims to bring together researchers, developers, and users of HPC to discuss new ideas, experiences, and problems. HPC2010 will be part of the 39th Argentine Conference of Informatics (39 JAIIO), the international conference of the Argentine Society for Informatics (SADIO), to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on August 2010. The use and development of High-Performance Computing (HPC) in Latin America is steadily growing.
New challenges come from the new capabilities provided by clusters, grids, and distributed systems for HPC, promoting research and innovation in this area. The main goal of HPC2010 is to provide a regional forum fostering the growth of the HPC community in Latin America through the exchange and dissemination of new ideas, techniques, and research in HPC.


  • Marcela Printista (Universidad Nacional de San Luis)
  • Esteban Mocskos (Universidad de Buenos Aires)

Program Committee

  • Roberto Bevilacqua (Comisión Nacional de Energia Atomica, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Universidad Nacional de San Martin)
  • Miguel Angel Cavaliere (Tenaris Siderca, Universidad de Buenos Aires)
  • Adrián Cristal (Barcelona Supercomputing Center)
  • Diego Crupnicoff (Mellanox Technologies)
  • Carlos Garcia Garino (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo)
  • Mariano Camilo González Lebrero (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
  • Gonzalo Hernández Oliva (Universidad de Chile)
  • Dan Hirsch (Intel de Argentina)
  • Patricia Paredes (Universidad Nacional de Cordoba)
  • Pablo Minnini (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
  • Thomas Sterling (Louisiana State University)
  • Mario Storti (Universidad Nacional del Litoral)
  • Patricia Tissera (IAFE, Universidad de Buenos Aires)
  • Mariano Vázquez (Barcelona Supercomputing Center)
  • Dylan Stark (Center for Computation and Technology, LSU, USA)
  • Ricardo Medel (Intel de Argentina)