Proceedings of the AST 2010

Proceedings of the AST 2010

Argentine Symposium on Technology

ISSN: 1850-2806

AST, the Argentine Symposium on Technology provides an open forum for researchers and developers from academia and industry worldwide to present and discuss their research on computing technology and their applications. In AST 2010 we expect to stress the theoretical and applied research results in imaging sciences and technologies.


  • Dr. Claudio Delrieux. Departamento de Ing. Eléctrica y Computadoras - Universidad Nacional del Sur. IIIE – CONICET
  • Mg. Mateo Gómez Ortega.Sistema Nacional de Medios Públicos. Universidad J. F. Kennedy

Program Committee

  • Ana Ruedín (FCEyN - UBA)
  • Mario Mastriani (ANSES - UNTREF)
  • Carlos Pallotti (CESSI)
  • Virginia Ballarin (UNMdP)
  • Magdalena Lucini (UNNE)
  • Juliana Gambini (UNGS)
  • Oscar Bustos (UNC)
  • Federico Balaguer (UNLP)
  • Andrea Silvetti (UNS)
  • Ricardo Coppo (UNS)
  • Alejandro Frery (UFAL - Brasil)
  • Álvaro Pardo (UCM - Uruguay)
  • Pablo Musé (UR - Uruguay)
  • Gustavo Patow (UGirona - España)